Los Angeles is known around the world as a city defined by its rapid, often extreme pace of change. Perhaps no natural event better signifies that change than the earthquake (also known as a temblor). While the city’s denizens are literally at the mercy of the unstable San Andreas fault line, cultural, ethnic and business friction have been known to rock the city just as routinely, albeit figuratively. Nature’s temblors are out of our control, but cultural upheavals are not. Which is why a group of passionate local playwrights have decided they’d like to shake up the city’s theater scene with a daring new production initiative.

The Temblors is a groundbreaking new collective of Los Angeles-based playwrights. A new initiative within downtown's Los Angeles Theatre Center, the collective's goal is to produce seven world premiere plays, one from each member, over a four­‐year period. At the end of that four-­year cycle, the founding members will hand over the entire organization to another seven local playwrights, thus creating the city's first true new play “factory,” by and for the people of Los Angeles.